The Forget Me Not Literary Annual for 1826

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List of the Plates, Forget Me Not, A Christmas and New Year's Present for 1826     

List of Plates

1 The Child's Dream; (art.) Richard Westall ; (eng.) Charles Heath
27 The Bridge of Sighs at Venice; (art.) Samuel Prout, F. S. ; (eng.) Henry Le Keux
62 Woman's Love; (art.) Henry Corbould ; (eng.) George Corbould
79 The Regretted Ghost; (art.) Richard Westall ; (eng.) Charles Heath
107 Days of Old; (art.) Henry Corbould ; (eng.) George J. Corbould
156 Evening Prayer; (art.) Singleton ; (eng.) Charles Heath
181 Sir Everhard; (art.) Richard Westall ; (eng.) George Corbould
254 The Cottage Door; (art.) T. Hills ; (eng.) Edward Finden
293 The French Capuchin Convent at Athens; (art.) Page ; (eng.) Henry Le Keux
338 The Pavilion, Brighton, West Front; (art.) A. Pugin ; (eng.) Winckles
343 The Pavilion, Music Room Gallery; (art.) Moore ; (eng.) Winckles
345 The Pavilion, Banqueting-Room; (art.) A. Pugin ; (eng.) Winckles
379 Contemplation; (art.) Richard Westall ; (eng.) Edward Finden

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