The Forget Me Not Literary Annual for 1829

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The Rover's Farewell to His Mistress     

The Rover's Farewell to His Mistress Miss Susannah Strickland


          Away! -- away! -- o'er the sparkling tide,
          In the light of hope shall our vessel glide;
          The signal is given by the fairest hand
          That ever waved bark from its native land.

          By the light of those eyes, so coyly hid     5
          Beneath the dark fringe of each snowy lid,
          I swear, that my love, like the waves at sea,
          Shall flow on rejoicing eternally!

          When the tempest gathers, and winds are high,
          And the billows are raging tumultuously,     10
          Thy signal shall beam o'er the foaming track
          Of the pathless waters to guide me back!

Date: 1829 (Web page revisions: 04/22/2006) Author: Miss Susannah Strickland (Web page revisions: Laura Mandell).
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