The Forget Me Not Literary Annual for 1833

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Table of Contents, Forget Me Not, A Christmas and New Year's Present for 1833     

Table of Contents

13 Bayley, Thomas Haynes. Forget Me Not; [Poetry/2 pages]
15 Ewz. Count Egmont's Jewels; [Prose/28 pages]
43 Abdy, Maria. The Moonlight of the Heart; [Poetry/1 pages]
44 Swain, Charles. Conradin. An Historical Sketch; [Poetry/4 pages]
48 Thompson, W. G.. The Voice of the Birds; [Poetry/1 pages]
49 Hiereus.. The Departure of the Israelites; [Prose/37 pages]
86 Michell, Major Nicholas. A Banquet Scene; [Poetry/1 pages]
87 Anonymous. Night and Love; [Poetry/2 pages]
89 Bayley, Thomas Haynes. New Faces; [Poetry/3 pages]
92 S.. Fame; [Poetry/1 pages]
93 Hill, Isabel. Jack Shaddock; [Prose/21 pages]
114 Campbell, Captain R. Calder. Liberty; [Poetry/1 pages]
115 Montgomery, James. An Every-Day Tale; [Poetry/6 pages]
121 Inglis, Henry (Derwent Conway). Nuremberg; [Poetry/3 pages]
124 Deakin, H. C.. Song, "They tell me she's no longer fair"; [Poetry/1 pages]
125 Lawrance, Miss H.. Trust Not to Seeming; [Prose/24 pages]
149 Polwhele, Rev. Richard. Forest Scenery; [Poetry/2 pages]
151 Pardoe, Miss Julia S. H.. The Emigrant's Daughter; [Prose/9 pages]
160 Leontine. The First Look; [Poetry/3 pages]
163 Wilson, John Mackay. The Vacant Chair; [Prose/21 pages]
184 Howitt, Mary. Far-off Visions; [Poetry/5 pages]
189 Sotheby, William. A Scene from the Odyssey; [Poetry/2 pages]
191 Inglis, Henry (Derwent Conway). The Rich Goldsmith of Zurich; [Prose/11 pages]
202 Michell, Major Nicholas. To my Native Valley; [Poetry/1 pages]
203 Anonymous. Mac Nab's Burying-ground; [Prose/17 pages]
220 Polwhele, Rev. Richard. A Scene in Cornwall; [Poetry/1 pages]
221 Anonymous. The Wish; [Prose/9 pages]
230 Teale, William. The Cuckoo-Toll; [Poetry/1 pages]
231 Chorley, Henry F.. Uncle Anthony's Blunder; [Prose/12 pages]
243 Anonymous. The Cup of Crime; [Poetry/2 pages]
245 MacNish, Robert. Death and the Fisherman; [Prose/27 pages]
267 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). Woman. Portrait of Mrs. Stanhope; [Poetry/2 pages]
269 Howitt, Mary. The Good Wives of Weinsberg; [Poetry/3 pages]
272 Anonymous. Serenade; [Poetry/1 pages]
273 Stone, William Leete. The Murdered Tinman; [Prose/17 pages]
290 Swain, Charles. True Loveliness; [Poetry/1 pages]
291 Shoberl, Frederic. The Search After God; [Poetry/7 pages]
298 Michell, Major Nicholas. The Dying Infant; [Poetry/1 pages]
299 Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (L. E. L.). Giulietta; [Prose/18 pages]
317 Abdy, Maria. The Enchanted Ground; [Poetry/2 pages]
319 Hansard, George Agar. A Sporting Adventure; [Prose/16 pages]
335 Montgomery, James. The Skylark; [Poetry/2 pages]
337 Hood, Thomas. The China-Mender; [Poetry/4 pages]
341 Anonymous. England; [Poetry/1 pages]
342 Michell, Major Nicholas. Evening in Autumn; [Poetry/1 pages]
343 Mitford, Mary Russell. Old Mathew the Matseller; [Prose/14 pages]

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