Friendship's Offering for 1830

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Table of Contents, Friendship's Offering for 1830      

Table of Contents

1 Kennedy, William. Lyra; [Poetry/3 pages]
4 Alkmatwn. Il Vesuviano; [Prose/26 pages]
30 Pringle, Thomas. Bechuana Boy; [Prose/7 pages]
37 Montgomery, James. A Cry from South Africa; [Poetry/2 pages]
39 Pringle, Thomas. A Poet's Favorite; [Poetry/1 pages]
40 Roscoe, Thomas. Sonnet, "I saw thee"; [Poetry/1 pages]
41 Anonymous. The Retreat of Echo; [Poetry/4 pages]
45 Kennedy, William. The Outline of Life; [Prose/25 pages]
70 Anonymous. Song of the Forsaken Maid; [Poetry/1 pages]
70 Ritchie, Leitch. Give me my Day Dreams again; [Poetry/2 pages]
71 Anonymous. To a Lost Odour; [Poetry/2 pages]
73 Darley, George. Song of the Summer Winds; [Poetry/2 pages]
75 Knight, Charles. Reading the News; [Poetry/4 pages]
79 Anonymous. Falling Leaves; [Poetry/1 pages]
80 Howitt, Mary. British Children; [Poetry/4 pages]
84 Howitt, Richard. Sonnet, "I dwelt not"; [Poetry/1 pages]
85 Bowdich (Lee), Mrs.. The Voyage Out; [Prose/12 pages]
97 Banim, John. The Irish Mother with her Child; [Poetry/1 pages]
98 Anonymous. Memory; [Poetry/1 pages]
99 Mitford, Mary Russell. The Cobbler over the Way; [Prose/10 pages]
109 Pringle, Thomas. Spoleto; [Poetry/3 pages]
112 Mackenzie, Henry. The Highlanders; [Poetry/7 pages]
119 Ritchie, Leitch. The Lover's Leap; [Prose/21 pages]
140 Hall, Samuel Carter. A Character; [Poetry/2 pages]
142 Harrison, William Henry, (H.). An Island of the West; [Poetry/1 pages]
143 Dale, Rev. Thomas. Lament of a Forsaken Lover; [Poetry/2 pages]
145 Howitt, Mary. Queen Catherine's Sorrow; [Poetry/4 pages]
149 Banim, John & Michael (O'HaraFamily). A Tale of "The White Bristol"; [Prose/28 pages]
177 Anonymous. The African; [Poetry/4 pages]
181 Moir, David Macbeth (Delta). Mine Own; [Poetry/4 pages]
185 Hogg, James (Ettrick Shepherd). A Scot's Luve Sang; [Poetry/1 pages]
186 Anonymous. To a White Lily; [Poetry/1 pages]
186 Lawrance, Miss H.. To the White Lily; [Poetry/1 pages]
187 Hogg, James (Ettrick Shepherd). The Fords of Callum; [Poetry/10 pages]
197 Howitt, William. The Fairies; [Poetry/3 pages]
201 Inglis, Henry (Derwent Conway). Rodolph, the Fratricide; [Prose/10 pages]
211 Clare, John. To the Redbreast; [Poetry/5 pages]
216 Howitt, Richard. To the First Violet; [Poetry/1 pages]
217 Z. Z.. The Child's First Grief; [Poetry/2 pages]
219 Fraser, James Baillie. Mourad and Euxabeet; [Prose/29 pages]
248 Redding, Cyrus R.. The Hills and Freedom; [Poetry/2 pages]
250 Norton, Mrs. Caroline E. S.. On the Death of F. F. H.; [Poetry/3 pages]
252 Housman, R. F.. Lake Scenery; [Poetry/1 pages]
253 Lawrance, Miss H.. Queen Mary and Commissioners; [Poetry/4 pages]
257 Howitt, Richard. Death and Time; [Poetry/1 pages]
258 Lawrance, Miss H.. Whatever Betide - for the Right; [Prose/25 pages]
284 Godwin, Mrs. (Clairmont). To Felicia Hemans; [Poetry/3 pages]
287 Pringle, Thomas. African Woodlands; [Prose/11 pages]
288 Bowring, Dr. John. God and Heaven; [Poetry/1 pages]
289 Hofland, Mrs. Barbara. The Masquerade; [Prose/10 pages]
299 Hall, Mrs. S. C. (Anna Maria). Larry Moore; [Prose/10 pages]
309 Sheridan, Charles Brinsley. To a Blind Goldfinch; [Poetry/1 pages]
311 Jewsbury, Maria Jane (Fletcher). Trysting Times; [Poetry/2 pages]
312 Hogg, James (Ettrick Shepherd). Bard's Address to Young Daughter; [Poetry/3 pages]
315 St. John, James Augustus Lucifer; [Prose/22 pages]
337 Housman, R. F.. Love's Young Dream; [Poetry/1 pages]
338 Mitford, Mary Russell. To Mr. Lucas; [Poetry/1 pages]
339 Erwz. The Honeymoon of Cupid and Psyche; [Poetry/4 pages]
343 St. John, James Augustus To I___ M___; [Poetry/2 pages]
345 Ritchie, Leitch. Song, "Give me, Oh, give me"; [Poetry/2 pages]
347 Pringle, Thomas. Lines written in an Album; [Poetry/2 pages]
349 Corbett, Miss. Muirside Maggie; [Prose/25 pages]
374 Kennedy, William. Thirty Years; [Poetry/2 pages]
376 M. (St. C.). On Returning for Abroad; [Poetry/1 pages]
377 Anonymous. The Spaewife; [Poetry/4 pages]
381 Cunningham, Allan. The Poet's Oak; [Poetry/4 pages]

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