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Table of Contents


2.         Letters to Dr. Aikin

3.         Letters to Miss E. Belsham, afterwards Mrs. Kenrick

4.         Letters to Miss Dixon, afterwards Mrs. Beecroft

5.         Letters to Mrs. J. Taylor

6.         Letter to Miss Taylor, now Mrs. Reeve

7.         Letters to Mrs. Carr

8.         Letters to Mrs. Smith

9.         Letters to Dr. and Mrs. Estlin

10.         Letters to Mrs. Fletcher

11.         Letter to Miss F

12.         Letter to -------

13.         [More] Letters to Dr. Aikin


15.         The Hill of Science: A Vision

16.         On Romances: An Imitation

17.         Selama: An Imitation of Ossian

18.         Against Inconsistency in our Expectations

19.         On Monastic Institutions

20.         An Inquiry into those Kinds of Distress which excite agreeable Sensations: With a Tale

21.         Thoughts on the Devotional Taste, and on Sects and Establishments

22.         The Cure of the Banks of the Rhone

23.         Zephyrus and Flora

24.         On Evil: A Rhapsody

25.         Dialogue between Madame Cosmogunia and a Philosophical Inquirer of the Eighteenth Century

26.         Letter of John Bull

27.         Letter on Watering-places

28.         On Education

29.         On Prejudice

30.         Dialogue in the Shades

31.         Knowledge and her Daughter: A Fable

32.         An Address to the Opposers of the Repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts

33.         Sins of Government, Sins of the Nation; or, a Discourse for the Fast, appointed on April 19,1793

34.         Remarks on Mr. Gilbert Wakefield's Enquiry into the Expediency and Propriety of Public or Social Worship

Date: 1825 (revised 06/19/2006) Author: Anna Letitia Barbauld (revised Laura Mandell).
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